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BaboonLab is a leading technology company specializing in real-time technology, with a primary focus on Unreal Engine. As a service partner of Epic Games, BaboonLab provides customers with cutting-edge solutions and services that harness the power of real-time technology. With a team of young and talented developers, BaboonLab is dedicated to innovation and delivering high-quality results.
In addition to its core services, BaboonLab also works with WebGL technology, further expanding its capabilities and expertise.

The company has established two additional entities to complement its core business. Magic Fennec, a subsidiary focused on leveraging Unreal Engine technology for gaming and virtual production, provides customers with immersive gaming experiences or virtual production environments. UT-HUB, one of Epic Games' three major authorized training centers worldwide, offers training programs that enable individuals and organizations to enhance their skills and capabilities in Unreal Engine.

Overall, BaboonLab is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry through innovation, quality and expertise. With its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions, BaboonLab is a leader in the real-time technology industry.

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From the 3D models, we create the specific work to reach hyperrealism in all your infographics and videos. We elaborate from scratch each one of the materials, of your memory of finishes, to give you the best quality in your spaces.

Render HQ Exterior

360º Infographics

Visualization consulting

Render HQ Interior

Commercial video

Reporting and analytics

Complete virtual immersions in your projects. Have at your fingertips, the possibility of showing your clients their future property in a way you had never imagined before.

Exterior orbital model

Configurator and
3D estimator

Interior virtual tour

Connection with BD

We perform the modeling, under the BIM methodology, of your projects for their delivery. From the 3D modeling of a Preliminary Project, to the As-built modeling of the same. Combination and good work of the different disciplines of an AEC project.

BIM Consulting


Operation and Maintenance

BIM Families

Collaborative Work

Connection and assistance developments to facilitate the work of the departments of your company. Through connections via APIs, we make all products are connected to each other, making a single development for the best interconnectivity between all employees of the company.

UX/UI Design

Web Developments

2D Configurator

Digital Consulting


Reporting and data analysis



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Wide range of products and services available to our customers, always offering the best visual quality in the market. Delve into the unknown through our portfolio ...


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Due to the constant innovation of our team, we have created the following spinoffs that try to bring new technological evolutions through the acquired knowledge

idealTwin is a cloud-based software for the management of real estate virtual twins. It has integration with Unreal Egnine and other advanced features such as Pixel Streaming configurators playback.


With what we have learned during almost 10 years working with Unreal Engine, we have created a leading training center in the industry and with the support of Epic Games, making us the only Premier Authorized center in the Spanish-speaking world and one of the three in the world.


We have created this spinoff to direct our Unreal Engine services to new industries such as Film, Television, Automotive, Video Games and others where this real-time engine is revolutionizing in its path.